New series of cable trunks Ekoplast: U-LITE

We have developed and introduced into production a new series of U-LITE minichannels designed for laying power and high-speed telecommunication networks in administrative premises.

  • Popular and modern European design.
  • Other Russian manufacturers have no analogues.
  • The U-LITE series was developed in strategic partnerships with leading system integrators and electrical installers.

Minichannels of the U-LITE series are a system product that provides quick and convenient installation. The series includes a complete set of connecting accessories and fasteners for wiring accessories. Eight cross-sections are included in the U-LITE:

  • Minichannels 12x12; 15x10; 20x12.5; 16x16; 25x16; 40x16 mm.
  • Skirting-type cable channels 60 / 3x16, 75 / 3x20 mm.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased strength of the side walls due to the cover of the profile from the sides to the base.
  • Excellent dielectric performance of the system.
  • Ease of cable installation even with high density of filling of the cable duct.
  • Convenient organization of workplaces, the possibility of simultaneous use of mechanisms of two standards: "Eurostandard" and "45x45 mm".

Complete line of accessories

  • The smooth shape of the accessories ensures that the requirements of high-speed SCS for signal transmission without loss of signal quality are met (TIA / EIA 568-A, 568-B standard).
  • Special latches provide secure fixation of accessories and convenient installation.

Minichannels U-LITE are the quality standard for professional cable support systems that allow you to carry out projects of any complexity. Fully localized Russian production guarantees an optimal pricing policy and an individual approach to design solutions.

Minichannels U-LITE are already in stock and available for order!
You can clarify the terms of delivery by contacting the sales department by phone +7 (495) 784-67-40 or using the online service on the website .