Professional cable systems

Description of the hatch system - LUK

3D моделиThe LUK hatch system  is a professional solution for organizing workplaces in open interiors, where direct power supply and information networks are required in an area away from the main walls. The hatch systems are integrated with cable routes located in the floor and / or directly in the embedded floor (in the case of a monolithic concrete floor) and are installed directly into the raised floor slabs or on the landing boxes cast in concrete.

Classification of hatches produced by the EKOPLAST plant

If we consider all manufactured hatches, then the following classification can be given:

  • According to the materials from which the hatches are made, they can be divided into hatches made of plastic (polyamide), steel, aluminum and brass.

Depending on the expected loads, the material of the hatch is selected:

  • Hatches made of plastic  - polyamide (nylon) are perfectly used to organize a workplace in the office of a small company.
  • Hatches made of structural materials  - aluminum, brass and steel hatch loads are used where high hatch loads are expected. These products are characterized by an increased degree of protection and reliability and are
  • According to the number of work stations  in the hatches, the EKOPLAST company produces hatches for 1.5, 2, 6, 8 and 12 modules of the 45x45 mm standard.
  • At the place of installation,  hatches can be installed in raised floors or cast into concrete.
Сервисные лючки для пола. Серия LUK Сервисные лючки для пола. Серия LUK Сервисные лючки для пола. Серия LUK