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General description "aspiration"

Ekoplast plant (Russia) offers a new solution in the field of fire safety and fire prevention - a set of pipes and accessories designed for aspiration air intake pipelines in early fire detection systems. The system was developed jointly with the leading manufacturer of aspiration equipment in the Russian Federation and was made for the needs of preventing emergencies on the territory of the Russian Federation. Certified in the Russian Federation and the EU.

Areas of application of EKOPLAST aspiration systems (Russia)

Aspiration pipe system with Ekoplast ™ accessories for early fire detection systems. When equipping buildings with fire-fighting aspiration systems, an air intake pipeline is laid in the premises, through which air samples are transported from the protected volume to the smoke detector chamber. At the same time, special holes are drilled in the pipes to suck in air - intake points. It is an ideal solution for facilities where high sensitivity and accuracy of fire detection is important, namely: archives and museum halls and storage rooms, data centers (DPC) and server rooms, "clean" production areas of all industrial and warehouse facilities, hospitals and clinics, preschool and school institutions, shopping and entertainment centers, exhibition pavilions and indoor stadiums, cinemas, halls of airports and hubs, metro stations, etc.etc.

Advantages of the EKOPLAST aspiration system (Russia)

Aspiration systems Ekoplast ™ (Russia) are built on the basis of smooth plastic pipes and accessories made of special composite plastics that do not contain halogen compounds (Halogen Free) and are flame retardant with a V0 grade, which allows you to gain time and take measures to eliminate fires at the very early stage of a fire. Aspiration systems based on the Ekoplast ™ pipe system and accessories are a guarantee:

  • Safety and protection of personnel (no suffocation when burning in a flame)
  • Minimizing financial loss and damage to tangible property
  • A reliable element of the complex fire safety of the facility
  • System solution for installation certified in the Russian Federation and in the EU