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Cable ducts The cable duct is a means of protecting power and low-current lines during open laying of systems: along the ceilings and walls of premises. The Ekoplast company produces cable ducts of various sections, in white, gray, dark or light wood. Design The cable duct is a closed structure, inside which the wire is laid. The design of products, regardless of the version (metal, plastic, rubber), is the same. The product consists of a box (also called a casing, ladder, protective threshold) and a protective cover. The interior of the box is usually divided into insulating headers, where electrical lines, irrigation hoses and other cables are laid. The shape and dimensions of the cover correspond to the box. It is tightly fixed, creating protection for the cable from mechanical stress and temperature extremes. Applications Cable ducts are installed in residential, office and industrial premises. And they can also be laid along the facades of buildings. The products provide additional security for wiring in places with high humidity (baths, greenhouses, farms), as well as in areas with short-term technical and construction work. Advantages Ecoplast cable ducts are made of PVC. Product advantages: Ease of installation. The box is fixed to the ceiling or walls with self-tapping screws or glue. A strong adhesive bond is formed thanks to special notches on the back wall of the duct. Aesthetics. For high-quality installation, accessories are bought in the kit: external and internal corners, adapters, tees, plugs. High strength. The protective cover is capable of withstanding loads of up to 4 tons and temperature drops of up to 95 degrees. If the ducts are properly installed, the interior becomes isolated from oxygen, which contributes to the rapid attenuation of damaged wiring. How to choose The main parameter that should be considered when choosing a suitable product is the conductor cross-section: If a single wire is laid in a straight line, then its diameter should be slightly less than the inner section of the box. If it is necessary to lay a bundle of wires, then the filling of the box (regardless of the design and type of wires) should be filled no more than 60% of the cross section. The Ekoplast cable duct is an excellent solution for the installation of open wiring, where high requirements are imposed on appearance, reliability, safety, and at the same time convenient access to live parts. Place an order online to buy electrical goods at wholesale prices.