Professional cable systems

Fire resistant cable line (FRL)

The development and implementation of the project (FRL) is dictated by the tightening of fire safety requirements for civil and industrial construction. Fire-resistant cable lines (OKL) developed on the basis of various types of Ecoplast ™ cable support systems are a universal solution for ensuring fire safety of facilities. Ecoplast fire-resistant cable lines are designed to ensure fire safety of facilities in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 123-FZ dated July 22, 2008 (as amended on July 13, 2015) "Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements" . According to Article 82 P.2 and Article 103 P.2. 

Article 82 P.2
Cable lines and wiring systems responsible for the safety of people must remain operational in a fire during the time necessary for the complete evacuation of people to a safe area and perform the functions of electrical systems operating during a fire.

Article 103. Clause 2.
The communication lines between the technical means of automatic fire alarm installations must remain operational in a fire during the time necessary to perform their functions and evacuate people to a safe area.

The definition of a fire-resistant cable line is contained in GOST R 53316-2009 “Cable lines. Maintaining performance under fire conditions. Test method ".

The operating time of the cable line is confirmed by a certificate of conformity obtained in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 53316-2009.

Supplementary and concretizing documents on the use of OCL are:

  • SP 5.13130.2013 Fire protection systems. Automatic fire alarm and extinguishing installations. Norms and rules of design.
  • SP 6.13130.2013 Fire protection systems. Electrical equipment. Fire safety requirements

Advantages of OCL based on Ekoplast ™ cable support systems:

  • A universal solution for various types of cable routing.
  • A comprehensive solution from one supplier, complete with cable products from leading Russian manufacturers.
  • Certified solution that meets all fire safety regulations in the Russian Federation.
  • Comprehensive technical support.
  • Prompt execution of orders

Scope of application

OKL based on EKOPLAST cable support systems is a universal solution used to transmit electrical signals in fire protection systems, fire detection systems, warning and evacuation control in case of fire, emergency lighting systems on escape routes, emergency ventilation and smoke protection, automatic fire extinguishing, internal water supply systems fire system and other systems.