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Built-in minicolumns

The recessed socket block is  designed for installation in the work surface of any type of tabletop (except for glass). The built-in unit is the optimal solution for the individual configuration of the workplace. The recessed socket block includes a set of components for organizing a "workplace" into a single multifunctional space. The plug-in socket block is made on the basis of a modular principle and creates an unlimited scenario for combining power and low-current outlets. The recessed socket block is designed for installation in any type of premises - in apartments and private houses, offices and hotels in the kitchen, for placement, in the cash areas of shops and counters, in meeting rooms, etc.

Recessed socket blocks  guarantee ergonomics, reliability and ease of use. Compact units increase the efficiency of work areas, allowing you to serve multiple work stations at the same time. The recessed socket blocks are made in an elegant modern design that organically fits into any interior solutions.

Recessed socket blocks are designed for 4 wiring accessories of 45x45 mm standard, represent a rigid profile made of aluminum with socket panels.

  • Body material: aluminum
  • Calipers material: ABS plastic
  • Protection degree: IP 54
  • Number of posts: 4 posts (standard 45x45mm)
  • Overall height: 345 mm,
  • Fitting dimensions: diameter 90 mm,
  • Finishing details
Finishing details
Tabletop socket column top cover
Complete set - everything you need is included
  • LK45 ™ series freedom of configuration - the column is made on the basis of a modular principle and provides an unlimited scenario for combining power and low-current outlets, ensuring the compatibility of all components and mechanisms. The minicolumn can be combined with various modular products of the LK45 series and other modules of the 45x45 standard. Installation of devices is carried out by simply snapping into the support. In the modular LK45 ™ series, all the necessary components for monitoring and controlling electrical and low-current networks are presented to complete the column.
  • Overload protection device
  • Fastening system
Ease of installation

The installation of the recessed socket block assumes quick and easy installation. You will need to make a hole with a diameter of 95mm and fix the top of the column in the table with the plastic washers (included) using the O-ring (included).
The minicolumn consists of:

  • network filter
  • aluminium case
  • supports for devices of 45x45 mm standard
  • fastening system elements
Using the system

In the "hidden" state, the plug-in socket blocks are located flush with the table surface. When you press the cover, the socket block slides out easily, allowing you to connect to devices. When you have finished working with the column, simply press on it from above and slide it into the table, up to the table surface.

Tabletop rosette columns Tabletop rosette columns Tabletop rosette columns
Code Name Seat, A mm Tabletop thickness, mm Lift height, C mm Overall height, D mm


Table-mounted socket block, 4 posts (45x45) IP54, with load switch (aluminum + stainless steel) 95 45 252 300


Table-mounted socket block, 4 posts (45x45) IP54, with load switch (aluminum + brass) 95 45 252 300