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Technical solutions (CD)

  • Floor hatches LUK more ...

    The workplace in the office of the manager is usually located at a distance from the walls, therefore it is ideal to use floor hatches of the LUK series to create a connection point.

    LUK series solutions providing easy and reliable access from the workplace to information and power networks, to control devices. The floor hatch series is a combination of efficiency and ergonomic design.

    Aesthetics and functionality of the solution - a cover with a recess for inserting materials that repeat the texture of the surrounding flooring

  • Flip Top flush-mounted socket strip details ...

    Desktop multi-socket units provide access from the workplace to information and power networks and devices. These are effective solutions combined with an ergonomic design. Completion with mechanisms of 45 × 45mm standard, LK45 ™ program, guarantees individual needs regardless of tasks and type of equipment

    The Flip Top recessed socket strip  is inspired by the latest design trends and fits flush  with the worktop. Flip Top unit is a smart alternative to traditional types of appliance installation, flush-mounted installation in the worktop. A line of 2 - 4 posts of 45 × 45mm standard provides an individual complete set of devices of the LK45 ™ program

  • Wiring accessories series LK60 more ...

    The organization of the connection point is a variant of hidden wiring. Wiring accessories LK60 series, the perfect solution for any interior style.

    A complete line of appliances framed by natural granite frames ensures a high functionality of the solution and a stylish design.

  • Halogen Free pipes more ...

    Ekoplast ™ solutions guarantee efficiency and personalization when organizing a network of workplaces in office premises.

    Fire safety standards and modern requirements for the organization of electrical networks assume the use of pipes and accessories in public premises in a halogen-free "Halogen Free" and low-smoke "Low Smoke" design. This solution was used to organize wiring in raised floors when organizing a network of workplaces.