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Technical solutions

  • INSTA series cable ducts more ...

    Organization of workplaces on the basis of INSTA series cable ducts intended for laying all types of power and low-current communications, including optical cable and information networks, for organizing workplaces in office and administrative buildings during new construction and reconstruction.

    The shape and elegant design of cable channels, ergonomics of original solutions for installation allow the INSTA series to be used in the interiors of premium-level office space. It guarantees the possibility of quick modernization, taking into account the increasing requirements and new standards for SCS. High integration capabilities for equipment (start-up 45 * 45) boxes will help to reorganize space, increase or decrease the number of workplaces, eliminate the time-consuming process of wall chasing and reduce labor costs

  • Desktop socket blocks more ...

    Tabletop TV-outlets are a flexible solution for connecting various equipment. Desktop socket blocks are designed for 3 or 5 wiring accessories of 45x45 mm standard.

    Socket blocks include a set of components that form a system for organizing a "workplace" into a single multifunctional space.

  • Desktop socket blocks more ...

    The range of solutions for the office presents various options for models of desktop units. Desktop units guarantee flexibility and efficiency, individual configuration when creating a network of workplaces.

    The presence of special accessories allows you to organize a multi-position mount, forming an ergonomic space on the desktop (vertically, horizontally on the table surface, under the table)