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LK60 series for concealed installation

Elite wiring accessories Vintage

In the LK 60 series, a modular construction principle is implemented, allowing up to five mechanisms to be mounted in multiple frames.

The series includes all circuits of switches and switches, dimmers with short circuit protection and light indication, power sockets with and without grounding, with protective shutters, telephone and computer, including category 6, television, for satellite television. The sockets are rated for a current of 16 A. Safety shutters in the outlets are used to protect against unauthorized entry and to protect your children.

The frame construction of the series allows you to install from one to five products under one frame, which provides a complete design and the necessary complete set of "workplace". You can choose the products you need and set them in a frame, the color and material of which you can also choose depending on your wishes and the interior of the room. The use of 6 colors of plastic frames and 7 frames from natural materials makes your choice completely free.

The distance between the central axes of the frames is 71 mm.

The frames are universal, that is, using the same frames, you can install products both horizontally and vertically, depending on your wishes and interior.

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