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AQUA-MODUL series with IP55 waterproof rating

The AQUA-MODUL series is  designed for the installation of any LK 45 series devices with dimensions of 2 pcs. 22.5x45 mm or 1 pc. 45x45 mm for open wiring.

The series is modular, so you can independently install any device of the LK 45 series you need in an IP55 lifting box. The increased degree of moisture resistance of the series is achieved by using special gaskets, as well as a cover with a transparent silicone panel.

Products of the series are installed on open wiring and can be used both in damp, dusty, industrial premises, and for outdoor installation. The box reliably protects wiring accessories from moisture and dust and allows you to install any required 45x45 mm standard mechanism into it.

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