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Description of pipe series - RG HF

In accordance with the emerging trend in the field of health and environmental safety, the EKOPLAST plant (Russia) has a new formulation of "halogen-free" material for the production of corrugated pipes of types and sizes. The fundamentally new "halogen-free" corrugated and smooth pipes do not emit harmful carbon compounds during prolonged exposure to flame. The increased interest in halogen-free materials is justified by the quality of construction and concern for health.

What are halogen-free materials for?

When choosing materials and evaluating a project, 3 sets of questions are more and more brought to the fore:

Fire behavior - they do not form corrosive and acid-containing gases in the event of a fire, therefore, electrical devices, machines, devices and structures are not damaged. Significantly less toxicity and no corrosive gases that pose a threat to humans.
Environment No problem for the environment and no waste handling, as halogen-free materials can be recycled several times.
Waste disposal - not undesirable hazards when incinerated in waste recycling plants.

Currently used plastic pipes for electrical wiring are highly flammable due to halogens (eg chlorine). These pipes are highly flammable, but in the event of a fire, corrosive gases (for example, hydrochloric acid) are released, which quickly spread in the room and cause severe consequences of the fire.

The plastic compound formulas used for the manufacture of halogen-free wiring systems in corrugated and smooth rigid pipes do not contain chlorine and its compounds and heavy metals.

RG HF / HFR series halogen-free (halogen-free) smooth-walled rigid pipe system - specially designed for buildings with increased requirements such as high-rise buildings with a large number of employees, airports, schools and preschools, hospitals and clinics, power plants and oil refineries, shopping centers, museums , theaters, hotels and hotels, ships and planes.

RG HF series - material composition does not contain halogen elements (no halogens).
Series RG HFR. - the composition of the material does not contain halogen elements (no halogens) and is flame retardant.

RIG HF Series Halogen Free Smooth Wall Rigid Pipe System
Pipes are produced in 2 m, 3 m lengths (other lengths can be ordered)

The products have all the certificates required in the territory of the Russian Federation.