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Description of HFFRLS Series Pipe

Corrugated pipes of the HFFRLS series from a halogen-free flame retardant with low smoke and gas emission composition of polyolefins, is designed for efficient installation and laying of power and low-current cables.

Material :
Halogen-free polyolefin composite based on PP Polypropylene

The HFFRLS series of pipes is an innovative approach to ensuring the fire safety of infrastructure facilities of any type. In terms of the composition of the additives and components that make up the composition, the HFFRLS series unites fire safety requirements for any type of object. The series meets the fire safety requirements according to GOST R53313-2009.

Standard : GOST R IEC 61386.1-2014

Protection degree : IP 55 according to GOST 14254 (IEC 529)

Installation options:
Installation of a track of any degree of complexity, open installation indoors on bases made of non-combustible and hardly combustible materials, and outdoors in the absence of direct exposure to UV. Laying in false spaces of building structures (in the voids of false walls, raised floors, false ceilings made of non-combustible materials and on bases made of non-combustible and non-combustible materials in administrative and industrial premises. It is recommended to use it with a fire-resistant cable at high fire hazard facilities, laying fire and security alarm systems and SOUE.

HFFRLS series  - flexible corrugated pipe made of polyolefin composition, does not contain halogen elements (halogen free), is flame retardant with low smoke emission (Low Smoke).