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Features and Benefits (Mini)

The design of the TR series of mini-columns is made with the possibility of extending supports (rosettes) to expand "workplaces" of any complexity in a limited area in a matter of minutes.

  • The possibility of organizing a complete set of workplaces depending on the necessary requirements of a specific (specific) workplace

  • One rack or mini-column TR can serve several workplaces at the same time, if they (workplaces) are close to each other.

  • The Al Alloy aluminum body allows the product to be classified as ANTI-VANDAL.

  • Secure anchoring to the floor with anchor bolts

  • Have a ground terminal

  • Fits well into the interior of a modern office

  • Saving budget, the TR series is available in both commercial and budget segments

  • Packing of mini-columns PE foil and multilayer cardboard