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General description (mini)

3D ModelsTR series service column systems are a professional solution for organizing workplaces in open interiors: offices, operating rooms, cash desks of stores, banks, schools, exhibition centers and administrative premises, where direct power supply and information networks are required in an area away from main walls. The TR series service column systems in aluminum can be integrated with cable routes located in the floor or above the raised floor.

The column itself is a rigid profile with a one-sided or two-sided body cavity for placement inside the body of electrical installation devices, cable shelves-partitions for distributing power lines from low-current ones and a column cover.

  • Columns and minicolumns are available one or two-sided;
  • According to the height of the columns and minicolumns, they can be classified as follows: in plastic minicolumns, from one to 5 floors can be installed, depending on the number of required consumers. Aluminum racks are produced in two versions: 350 mm high and 660 mm high;
  • In aluminum columns of the TR series, both products of the 45x45 mm standard and products of the "European standard" with an installation dimension of 60 mm can be used;
  • The columns of the TR series can accommodate up to 32 modules 45x22.5 mm or up to 16 posts of "European standard"