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INSTA cable ducts

Construction of the INSTA cable trunking system"INSTA" series of cable trunks  is a professional cable support system for open wiring in administrative premises. Designed for cable laying and installation of wiring accessories.

INSTA cabling system  is the optimal system for building structured cabling networks of any degree of complexity, developed taking into account the requirements of companies - system integrators and electrical installation firms.

The system of boxes is adapted to the conditions of installation and placement of low-current and power wiring according to Eurostandard

1. Boxes of the INSTA series are made from a special composition of Russian PVC, developed with the participation of German laboratories, resistant to ultraviolet radiation by adding German components for window profiles. This means that in addition to being highly flexible and resilient, cable ducts have long-term resistance to fading when exposed to sunlight. The material of the boxes is impact-resistant and can withstand mechanical loads of 6 J, as well as does not support combustion and serves as an excellent insulator. 2. The INSTA system is modular  

 , i.e. in the channels, the calipers for the 45x45 standard or the European standard with a landing diameter of 60 mm are extremely quickly mounted and dismantled. When connecting several devices, for example, power sockets and RJ-11 and RJ-45 connectors, the supports can be installed in a row without restrictions. In this case, it will not be difficult to expand or move the installed sockets, connectors, the principle of "constructor" is used. The calipers have a single design with the boxes and hide the connection points.

3. The design of variable internal and external angles (from 60 to 120 °) of INSTA cable trunks will brighten the unevenness of any wall bends and bends, and will avoid cable bends. The box system is fully equipped with external, internal, flat, T-shaped corners, brackets for connecting the box sections, plugs and supports.  

4. The reliable design of the INSTA box cover lock on the channel allows multiple opening and closing of the cable channel without deforming the cover itself and excluding the possibility of its spontaneous detachment. 5. An important detail: cables and wires can be laid both under the wiring accessories and above them on a special cable separator shelf (up to 3 shelves in a channel) to separate various networks inside the INSTA box. 6. The surface of INSTA cable ducts is resistant to dirt and can be easily cleaned from dust.  


7. Due to its soft and smooth lines, complete completeness, INSTA system has a complete look and elegant shape. The system of cable channels is ergonomic and has a high aesthetic shape, therefore it can be easily combined with any kind of interior.

8. The series of INSTA boxes is certified in accordance with the following standards:    - fire safety of the Russian Federation    - Gosstandart of the Russian Federation (GOST-R)    - the epidemiological service of the Russian Federation 9. Packaging . INSTA cable ducts are carefully packed in compact 3-layer cardboard boxes, which makes them easy to store and move, and also reliably protects against dust and foreign objects.  


10. The INSTA series of boxes is thought out to the smallest detail. The installation of the system is carried out in a short time, like a "children's designer", which leads to significant savings in labor costs when installing electrical wiring.

11. Prices for the INSTA series and its components, given that all products are manufactured at a plant in Russia from a unique composition of domestic PVC and German additives, are 2-2.5 times lower than their European counterparts.