Test procedure and certification

How is the uptime of a fire resistant cable line determined?

The operating time of the cable line must be at least the time required to evacuate people to a safe area and the required time for the operation of such systems as: smoke exhaust, power supply of fire-fighting water supply pumps, etc.

4.9. The operability of cable lines and electrical wiring of the SDR in fire conditions is ensured by the choice of the type of cables and wires, according to GOST R 53315 [replaced by GOST 31565-2012 (Table 2)], and the method of their laying. The operating time of cable lines and electrical wiring under fire conditions is determined in accordance with GOST 53316. "

In accordance with GOST R 53316-2009: The cable
line in the design is installed in a test furnace with dimensions of at least 3000x3000x3000 mm in accordance with the technical documentation. When using boxes, trays, or pipes, the cable line is installed horizontally in the test oven so that the test oven contains the maximum number of joints and elements of ventilation systems (if any), in accordance with the technical documentation. The passages of the sample through the walls of the furnace are sealed in accordance with the technical documentation.

Test equipment is connected to the established cable samples:

  • for cables with rated voltage up to 0.6 / 1.0 kV inclusive in accordance with GOST R IEC 60331-21;
  • for electrical cables for data transmission in accordance with GOST R IEC 60331-23;

Then the cable line is tested for operability for a specified period of time when exposed to standard temperature conditions. Standard temperature mode is a mode of temperature variation in time in accordance with GOST 30247.0

Table 1

t, min T-To, ° C Permissible deviation value,%
5 556 ± 15
ten 659
15 718 ± 10
thirty 821
45 875 ± 5
60 925
90 986
120 1029
150 1060
180 1090
240 1133
360 1193

OKL test procedure

JBS series halogen-free flame retardant boxes are designed for branching and connection of fire-resistant cable in fire-resistant cable line systems.
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JBS series halogen-free flame retardant boxes after fire test. A reliable connection has been confirmed, and the performance of OKL at temperatures above 1000 ° C, the operating time is at least 60 and 90 minutes (depends on the brand of fire-resistant cable)
Single and group (cable bundle) laying of fire-resistant cables in halogen-free flame-retardant pipes type HFR . OKL based on halogen-free flame-retardant pipes, type HFR, after testing, the operating time of the system is not less than 60 and 90 minutes (depending on the brand of fire-resistant cable).
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Samples after testing. Temperature change mode in accordance with GOST 30247.0 (temperature modes Table 1 )
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The main condition and the main requirement of regulatory documents in the design of OCL are joint tests of all elements included in the cable line.


The specified fire-resistant cable lines (OKL) have been successfully tested in leading testing laboratories. According to the results of tests for the solutions "Fire-resistant cable line" (OKL), certificates were received indicating the time of the line's operability in fire conditions, the tests were carried out according to the method of GOST R 53316-2009. Rigorous tests are a real confirmation of the safety of the solution, for facilities where the safety and security of people and equipment is in the foreground

The use of a certified fire-resistant cable line (OKL) solution for various objects, made on the basis and using EKOPLAST cable support systems, guarantees the fire safety of facilities, personnel and equipment.
Certificates for OKL guarantee admission to participation in the public procurement system and various commercial tenders.

  • Federal Law No. 123 "Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements"
  • GOST R 53316-2009
  • Domestic regulations and European standards

It is possible to select the OKL necessary for the object according to the estimated time of evacuation of people and the required time of operation of fire-prevention systems (for example, such as smoke removal systems, etc.). To select a configuration and prepare a solution, specify the necessary characteristics of the OKL, and contact our specialists.

Operating time of OCL
in fire conditions
Maximum permissible
voltage supplied
to OKL cables
The number of cables in the OKL
and their size