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Recessed Desktop Socket Blocks

Desktop socket boxes  are a flexible solution for connecting various equipment in meeting rooms, conference rooms on desks. Tabletop units are a professional approach to creating an effective ergonomic zone when organizing a workplace. Desktop socket blocks are designed for 3 or 5 wiring accessories of 45x45 mm standard, represent a rigid profile made of aluminum with socket panels made of wear-resistant ABS plastic resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

Anodized aluminum ABS plastic
Anodized aluminum, Hi-tech design
Geometric dimensions of the profile of the block height 355 mm diameter 92 mm, low weight allow mounting blocks on any tabletops with a thickness of 0.5 to 6 cm.
Packing of minicolumns:
PE film and multilayer cardboard

The unit is supplied complete with a cable and plug and a built-in surge protector, wiring accessories, a complete set of 3 or 5 pieces 45 × 45 mm and a mounting system for tabletops. The unit allows you to simultaneously serve several workplaces if the workplaces are close to each other.

Code Name Cable length, m Material
70303   Desktop socket block, 3 posts 45x45 mm 1.8 Anodized aluminum
70305   Desktop socket block, 5 posts 45x45 mm 1.8 Anodized aluminum
Using the system
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