Офисные решения от Экопласт

Ekoplast ™ office solutions are a comprehensive approach to professional organization of workplaces in a modern office space. Ekoplast ™ office solutions are implemented on the basis of various types of cable support systems, a range of products for local installation (hatches, columns), wiring devices.

The Ekoplast ™ range of products is a systemic high-quality product that complies with European standards and safety requirements of the EU and the Russian Federation, technical regulations of the customs union (EAC). Ekoplast ™ products allow building a design solution based on one manufacturer, with optimal Russian prices and a guarantee of a long service life.

A modern office is a multifunctional space, which provides for the possibility of easy redevelopment associated with a change in the purpose of the premises, the number and arrangement of workplaces. At the same time, regardless of the chosen architectural solution, the existing SCS and telephone networks, electrical wiring, workplaces must easily adapt to changes in the configuration of the premises. Ekoplast ™ solutions allow you to quickly change the configuration of office space without replacing existing cable routes, providing access to staff workstations.

Ecoplast ™ office solutions allow you to form an approach to the tasks of organizing and managing a workplace in the office, increasing the efficiency of any object: a business center, conference hall, office, administrative premises.