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Good day! Tell me how much the hf cable channel 50 * 20 or 40 * 20 will cost and the delivery time. number 350 m.

16 July, 2021 (Friday, 08:46) • Message № 7

Dear Alexander, Thank you for contacting us. We have responded to you in message No. 766 about the features of production and the areas of application of a specialized solution for halogen-free (HF) cable channels. The indicated cross-sections are not included in the standard production line, therefore, to produce a highly specialized solution, adjustments of various production processes are required. The use of halogen-free cable ducts is often not a strict design requirement, perhaps we can offer an alternative solution. Therefore, we ask you to send us an official request and technical specification with a description of the project, the exact volumes and delivery times. We will prepare a calculation and if the volume of the order is economically justified, we will be able to fulfill it, or prepare a replacement based on the existing product line. Information can be sent to e-mail: Baranova Zoya Vasilievna, or call +7 (495) 784-67-40.