UTP cable

cable ELCROSS ™ category 5e multi-pair cables are designed for backbone wiring as one of the main components of modern SCS telecommunication and computer networks, telephony. The assortment includes UTP ELCROSS ™ symmetrical twisted pair cable with a core diameter from 0.44 to 0.7 voltage up to 80 V with copper insulated conductors with high density polyethylene insulation and PVC sheath, type UTP, category 5e in coils by 305 m.

The cable has excellent transmission characteristics for Enhanced Category 5 (5 Enhanced). The technical parameters provide the required performance in the most difficult installation conditions. ELCROSS ™ cables are designed for maximum ease of installation.


  • Easy wire extraction box for easy handling
  • High-density polyethylene insulation with PVC sheath for standard cables and halogen-free sheaths for LSZH (Halogen free Low Smoke) standard - reliable cable protection and ease of pulling
  • The stability of the outer diameter of the wire and the thickness of the sheath is not less than 0.50-0.55 sq. Mm.
  • Category 5e warranty (Link & Channel) - product quality

UTP cable, 4 pairs, Solid, category 5e ELCROSS ™UTP cable, 4 pairs, Solid, category 5e ELCROSS ™

  • Sheath PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), gray color - PVC (polyvinyl chloride), is characterized by high temperature and chemical resistance, durability, high fire resistance.

UTP cable, 4 pairs, Solid, ELCROSS ™ for indoor installationUTP cable, 4 pairs, Solid, ELCROSS ™ indoor, 0.55 mm (solid), LSZH (halogen free), Cat 5e

  • Sheath LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen), (light gray) - characteristic of the sheath of cables, "low smoke emission, zero halogen content". Trends in the field of health safety and environmental protection have determined the widespread use of cables in the LSZH sheath.
  • Cables in this sheath are used when laying them in places where there is a threat of poisoning people from corrosive and toxic gases in the event of a fire.
  • The peculiarity of the chemical composition of the shell is the absence of toxic corrosive gases and low emission of smoke during combustion, which is extremely important for such infrastructure facilities as hospitals and clinics, educational facilities, preschool institutions, high-rise buildings, train stations and airports.
vendor code Name Package
65004 UTP cable, 4 pairs, Solid, category 5e ELCROSS 1 bay = 305 m
65005 UTP cable, 4 pairs, Solid, ELCROSS indoor, 0.55 mm (solid), LSZH (halogen free), category 5e 1 bay = 305 m