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Rigid smooth pipes. Double-wall pipe made of HDPE composition, NOVO series

Protection of low and high voltage cables during power supply and construction of cable ducts with voltages up to 1000 V AC and / or 1500 V DC. It is used for the passage of obstacles in the ground and water when laying power cables of large cross-sections, fiber-optic cables.

Material : Composition HDPE

High ring stiffness (in accordance with GOST R 54475-2011) allows the use of a double-walled pipe under conditions of high dynamic and static loads. The pipe is made with a special inner layer of LDPE, which greatly facilitates the laying of cables of large cross-sections, it is recommended in areas with high dynamic load. The calculated service life of the pipes is more than 50 years, due to the long service life, the costs of maintaining the cable line are reduced. Wide range of installation and operating temperatures, chemical resistance to aggressive media.

Installation options:
Pipes provide the ability to enter and replace cables from cable wells throughout their entire service life, as well as their use as spare protective channels for future cable lines. Installation of pipes is carried out directly into the ground or embedded within concrete (reinforced concrete) products.

Bending radius: 8 diameters

HDPE composition
GOST R IEC 61386.1-2014
Degree of protection:
IP 55 in accordance with GOST 14254 (IEC 529)
Installation conditions:
for laying the cable underground
Installation temperature:
from -25 ° C to + 60 ° C
over 450N for 5cm at 20 ° С
black and / or red; also yellow, blue on request. Minimum order: 2000m for one color
Dielectric strength:
not less than 2000 V (50 Hz, for 15 minutes)
Insulation resistance:
not less than 100 MΩ (500 V, for 1 minute)
Code Name Outside diameter (D), mm Inner diameter (d), mm Minimum bending radius, mm unit of measurement Number in the bay, m
80040 NR040 40 32 230 m 50
80050 NR050 50 40 350 m 50
80063 NR063 63 51 350 m 50
80075 NR075 75 61 350 m 50
80090 NR090 90 75 400 m 50
80110 NR110 110 94 400 m 50
80125 NR125 125 107 500 m 25
80140 NR140 140 120 550 m 25
80160 NR160 160 137 650 m 25
80200 NR200 200 182 850 m 25