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Rigid smooth pipes. Reinforced pipe, SPIR series

Flexible pipe, reinforced with right-hand PVC spiral, is used for laying and protecting power cables, control of machine tools and industrial equipment. In combination with smooth rigid pipes and installation accessories, it allows the installation of low-current and power networks in the most difficult areas that require a high class of protection against water, oil and dust. In areas subject to vibration load during operation, as well as on sections of highways when turning in different planes, along spherical and mixed planes.

Designed for connecting reinforced pipes of different diameters to each other, connecting reinforced pipes and smooth rigid pipes, as well as inserting reinforced pipes into junction boxes and shields, various accessories such as RAG, RAP, RAI, GS, RS, RY are used (see the section "Accessories for pipes "). A wide range of diameters of reinforced pipes (from 8 to 60 mm) allows you to insulate any number of cables and wires of various cross-sections.

  • Ideal solution for industrial installations to protect cable bundles between process equipment and power and control panels
  • Resistant to shock loads, while retaining its flexibility and elasticity.
plasticized PVC with rigid PVC spiral
Degree of protection:
IP 64
Installation conditions:
for fire protection of electrical wires for machines, machine tools, industrial equipment, computer cables, etc.
over 320N at 5cm at 20 ° C (heavy series)
gray RAL 7035
Bending radius:
2 outer diameters
Code Name Outside diameter (D), mm Inner diameter (d), mm unit of measurement Number in the bay, m
81008 GUG8G 12.1 eight m thirty
81010 GUG10G 14.7 ten m thirty
81012 GUG12G 16.4 12 m thirty
81014 GUG14G 18.9 fourteen m thirty
81016 GUG16G 20,7 16 m thirty
81020 GUG20G 24.7 twenty m thirty
81022 GUG22G 27.7 22 m thirty
81025 GUG25G 30.6 25 m thirty
81028 GUG28G 33.5 28 m thirty
81032 GUG32G 38 32 m thirty
81035 GUG35G 40 35 m thirty
81040 GUG40G 46.4 40 m thirty
81050 GUG50G 57.2 50 m thirty
81060 GUG60G 68 60 m thirty