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Perforated boxes

The new series of perforated trunks is specially designed for cabling in electrical panels. The series includes 32 cross-sections that allow you to quickly and efficiently solve problems associated with laying and cabling.

  • Special protrusions make it easier to lay cables and wires in boxes for vertical installation before closing the cover.
  • For ease of installation, there are notches inside the box that allow you to quickly break out the teeth of the box, as well as make a cutout for joining the boxes.

Rigid PVC, ductile, self-extinguishing, UV-resistant
gray RAL 7030
IP 64
Pre-marked breakout points in the side panels make it much easier to remove the teeth during assembly. Perforated base (distance between holes 25 and 50 mm). Removable hard-fit lid. Length 2 meters

Size (BxH), mm Box with lid E vendor code Size (BxH), mm Box with lid E vendor code
15 x 17 CP-E20 75004 40 x 80 CP-E154 75022
25 x 30 CP-E164 75007 60 x 80 CP-E114 75023
25 x 40 CP-E134 75008 80 x 80 CP-E124 75080
40 x 40 CP-E84 75013 100 x 80 CP-E194 75024
60 x 40 CP-E44 75014 120 x 80 CP-E324 75011
25 x 60 CP-E74 75015 25 x 100 CP-E344 75012
40 x 60 CP-E54 75018 40 x 100 CP-E354 75016
60 x 60 CP-E94 75019 60 x 100 CP-E184 75020
80 x 60 CP-E64 75017 80 x 100 CP-E364 75081
100 x 60 CP-E174 75021 100 x 100 CP-E374 75026
25 x 80 CP-E144 75070      

Perforated boxes. Series E / 4channels for the distribution of cable bundles of cables and wires in power cabinets

Perforated boxes type E / 4 are designed for routing power and information lines inside electrical panels, in communication panels, control cabinets, elevator shafts.
The series includes 32 sections.
The distance between the sections of the box is 4 mm, the width of the section is 4 mm.

  • The boxes are notched along the line of connection of the perforated sections with the box base. This makes it easier to break out sections when it is necessary to route cable harnesses, as well as to connect duct sections to form T- and L-shaped bends, etc. The boxes are perforated on the basis of the box for quick and easy installation in cabinets and panels.

Wide range of accessories for cabling in enclosures: clamps, cable ties, markers, cable braids, etc.

Cable holders are designed to fix cables and wires in perforated boxes.
CP-TR4 40 500 (5x100)
CP-TR6 60 500 (5x100)
CP-TR8 80 400 (5x80)
CP-TR10 100/120 250 (5x50)
CP-TR15 125 200 (1x200)