TIA / EIA-568-A solutions

The engineers of the Ekoplast plant have developed new models of accessories for the MEX and INSTA cable trunking systems. This offer is designed specifically for integrators and installers of cable support systems for new generation 6 and 7 fiber optics networks.

A special solution of accessories has been developed for the most popular cross-sections of 20x12.5, 40x25 and 60x40 mm, used to build SCS networks based on fiber-optic systems and copper cables of 6 and 7 categories.

A key requirement for these networks is the signal transmission rate, which is influenced by the quality of the entire cable support system. With the help of new "flowing" accessories, the cable support system will be efficiently built in real-world conditions.

The requirement of the TIA / EIA 568-A standard will determine the quality of the construction of the entire cable support system. One of the criteria for this system is to protect the cable from deformation, which degrades the quality of signal transmission when installing the cable in the cable duct. To solve this problem, all accessories have a smooth rounded shape of at least 1 inch to provide room for mechanical stress compensation. This condition was taken into account in the design of the accessories and meets the requirements of the TIA / EIA 568-A standards for providing bend protection for cables.

   - construction of SCS networks, laying of copper cables of 6 and 7 categories, as well as for fiber-optic cables
   - designed in accordance with the requirements of TIA / EIA 568-A standards
   - provide a minimum cable bending radius of at least 2.54 cm (1 ")
   - made from a composition based on ABS plastics, RAL 9016

All products are in stock and available for order

vendor code Nomenclature Amount in a package
72314R RML 20x12.5 Flat angle stepless TIA standard 10 pieces
72114R RMI 20x12.5 Inner corner stepless TIA standard 10 pieces
72414R RMT 20x12.5 Angle T-shaped smooth TIA standard 10 pieces
72214R RME 20x12.5 Outside corner stepless TIA standard 10 pieces
72308R RML40 / 25 40x25mm Flat angle stepless TIA standard 10 pieces
72108R RMI40 / 25 40x25mm Inner corner stepless TIA standard 10 pieces
72408R RMT40 / 25 40x25mm Angle T-shaped stepless TIA standard 10 pieces
72208R RME40 / 25 40x25mm Smooth outer corner TIA standard 10 pieces
72101R RMI Angle internal smooth standard TIA 20/10 10 pieces
72201R RME Outside corner stepless TIA 20/10 standard 10 pieces
72301R RML Flat corner 20/10 50pcs
72401R RMT T-piece 20/10 50pcs
72110R RMI Angle internal smooth TIA 16/16 standard 10 pieces
72210R RME Angle external smooth standard TIA 16/16 10 pieces
72410R RMT Angle T-bar TIA16 / 16 10 pieces
72105R RMI Internal planed corner TIA 25/16 10 pieces
72205R RME Smooth outer corner TIA 25/16 10 pieces
72405R RMT T-shaped smooth angle TIA 25/16 5 pieces

Accessories standard design

Outside corner Inner corner Flat angle T-shaped corner

Thanks to a full set of accessories, the line of cable channels with a cross-section of 20x12.5, 40x25 and 40x60 fully complies with the requirements of the TIA / EIA 568-A standards and has an aesthetic appearance and guarantees reliable cable protection, both during installation and during operation. It should be noted that on the basis of the cross-sectional data for the construction of the cable route, solutions for the organization of "workplaces" are effectively used - modular installation boxes 1, 2, 3 and 4 posts of 45x45 mm standard.

All equipment is certified in accordance with the standards adopted in the territory of the Russian Federation.