Features and Benefits

Mini-channels of the MEX / ECO series is a professional system designed in accordance with the European requirements for wiring electrical power and low-current cables.  

  • Effective installation - availability of a full range of accessories for MEX / ECO minichannels allows quick and convenient installation of the system.
  • The duct wall thickness is not less than 0.7x1.2 mm, depending on the section, which meets the GOST standards.
  • The possibility of building up a "workplace" using modular boxes.
  • Installation from modular mechanisms of 45x45 mm standard and "European standard".
  • The surface of the MEX cable trunking is dirt-resistant and easy to clean.
  • The completeness and perfect compatibility of all components of the MEX / ECO minichannels significantly reduces the cost of installing electrical wiring.
  • Minichannel packaging is robust and compact for easy transport

Completion of the "workplace" based on MEX / ECO minichannels: MEX
cable channels can be additionally completed with modules, boxes, adapters, sockets, switches and other elements necessary at the workplace.