Fireproof plastic boxes JBS, MB, JBL series

Ekoplast ™ boxes with preservation of efficiency in case of fire

Designed for use in systems of fire-resistant cable lines (OKL), they can also be used as an independent element for fire-resistant switching of FR series cables with a cross-section of 0.15-25 mm 2 . This product is used for open wiring.


The tests and the operating time of the boxes were carried out in accordance with GOST R 53316-2009 as part of fire-resistant cable lines (OKL), made on the basis of Ekoplast ™ cable support systems with cable products from various manufacturers, the results are confirmed by a certificate for OKL with the specified cable brand.

Advantages of Ecoplast ™ fire-resistant boxes:

  • Optimal set of 6 standard sizes, over 80 items of complete sets;
  • Boxes are supplied with pre-wired terminals and hardware kit;
  • Wide range of terminals of various cross-sections;
  • Ease of installation on any type of fire-resistant surfaces and building structures;
  • The material of the body and cover is halogen-free plastic, excluding toxic combustion products.


Depending on the model, fireproof boxes can be smooth-walled or equipped with cable glands.

Box material halogen-free HF plastic
Colour RAL 2003 orange
Technical conditions TU 3464-014-52811541-2016
Certification meet the requirements of IEC 60670-22 (2003). Certified in accordance with GOST R 53316-2009 as part of OKL with various cables from leading Russian manufacturers
Degree of protection IP 55
Climatic performance UHL-4 for indoor installation / for protected outdoor installation
Impact resistance 07IK (2 J)
Rated current from 20 to 101A
Installation temperature -5 ° С to + 40 ° С
Operating temperature -25 ° С to + 60 ° С

    Installation instructions for fireproof boxes

Terminal connectors

Terminal connectorsDepending on the size, the boxes are equipped with different types of connection terminals made of fire-resistant ceramics. Terminal connectors with mounting hole are securely attached to a special plate.

Material heat-resistant ceramics up to 1200 ° С
Type - 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 24 poles
- nominal wire cross-section - 2.5- 4, 6, 10, 16 mm 2
- nominal current 20-101A

Range of fire-resistant halogen-free HF boxes

The E110 index means the confirmed time of maintaining the operability of a fire-resistant box as part of a cable line during tests in accordance with GOST 53316.