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Cable "plinth"

The MEX series is a cable support system of plastic minichannels for open wiring in administrative, residential and industrial premises. In the MEX series , cross-sections of cable channels 60x16 / 3, 75x20 / 3 of plinth type are presented . Electrotechnical skirting board allows installation of the channel cable in place of traditional skirting boards. Cable ducts have been developed taking into account numerous requests from companies - system integrators and electrical installation firms, in accordance with the requirements of wiring standards for electrical power and low-current cables.      

In combination with the elements of the system of cable channels, the wiring is quickly installed. For cable channels, it is possible to install junction boxes, sockets and connectors of two standards: "Eurostandard" with a diameter of 60mm between the landing screws and a standard 45 * 45mm.

Cable channels have two built-in partitions, which allows to separate power and low-current wiring.

The design of the minichannel cover lock is made as a "double lock", which makes it possible to repeatedly open and close the cable channels without deforming the skirting board cover and excludes spontaneous disconnection.

The material of the cable channel is a self-extinguishing PVC composition - one of the best materials for the production of complex profiles - PVC composition. PVC has good weather resistance, moderate strength, and is self-extinguishing.