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Halogen-free cable channels

Halogen-free cable channelsThe leader in innovations Ekoplast plant offers specialized solutions, a line of cable channels and accessories in halogen-free HF "Halogen Free" design. The release of these products is due to the tightening of requirements for fire safety, tasks of protecting human health and the environment when organizing electrical wiring.  

In the production of halogen-free HF cable trunks , environmentally friendly materials are used to guarantee increased system performance. Halogen-free cable trunks are made from a special composition of halogen-free polycarbonate / ABS.  

In the event of a fire, cable support systems with the HF index do not emit harmful carbon compounds, they do not contain hazardous chemicals from the halogen group (chlorine, bromine, fluorine, iodine, astatine). Halogen-free HF cable channels are recommended for use at facilities with a special fire safety regime: in buildings and structures with a large crowd of people - airports, stadiums, medical and educational institutions, where it is important to provide the safest protection in the event of a fire.

Delivery conditions
Specialized solutions HF cable trunks are not included in the standard warehouse program. When ordering a specialized solution for halogen-free HF cable ducts, it is necessary to agree on the terms of reference for production.