Технические характеристики(arclan)

Specifications The values
Technical conditions TU 3464-002-56625002-2002
Box material (straight sections) Flame retardant composition based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC), no cadmium additives
Colour White RAL 9016, the durability of the boxes against UV radiation is achieved thanks to special additives
Installation and operating temperature from –5 ° С to + 60 ° С, in the absence of mechanical stress
Storage and transport temperature from -25 ° С to + 60 ° С
Impact strength at -5 ° С not less than 6 J according to GOST R IEC 61084-1
Climatic performance UHL 4 in accordance with GOST 15543-70 and GOST 15150-69. For macroclimatic regions with temperate and cold climates. For operation in rooms with artificially controlled climatic conditions, for example, in closed heated or cooled and ventilated industrial and other, including well-ventilated, underground rooms (no exposure to direct sunlight, precipitation, wind, sand and dust of the outside air; no or a significant reduction in exposure to scattered sunlight and moisture condensation).
Degree of protection IP40 in accordance with GOST 14254. Protection against penetration of external solid objects with a diameter of more than 1.0 mm.
Compliance with fire safety requirements (heat resistance, resistance to ignition of a heated wire, resistance to open flame, resistance to combustion propagation in single and group laying). Resistance to flame propagation of cable ducts and accessories The molded products comply with the requirements of the Federal Law of 22.06.2008 No. 123-FZ “Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements” GOST R 53313-2009 “Molded Electrical Installation Products. Fire safety requirements. Test methods "(subsections 5.1-5.4).
Complies with GOST 27483-87 “Fire hazard tests. Test methods. Hot wire tests ”. The samples passed the tests - there was no open flame or the combustion of the sample lasted no more than 30 seconds. after elimination of the ignition source (960 ° С + 15 / –15 ° С).
Complies with GOST 28779-90 (IEC 707-81) "Methods for determining the flammability under the influence of an ignition source." The material corresponds to the class (category) FV 0 (PV 0) - Burning time after each exposure to the flame for each sample is less than 10 seconds.
Complies with GOST R IEC 61084-1-2007 “Systems of cable and special cable ducts for electrical installations. Part 1. General requirements ". Sample boxes withstood the flame test, accessory samples withstood the glow-wire test.
Electric strength of insulation and electric resistance of insulation Under normal operating conditions, it complies with GOST R IEC 61084-1 (subsection 12.3). According to GOST, the insulation resistance is at least 500 V (insulation resistance is more than 100 MΩ).
Protection class of the trunking system 0 in accordance with GOST
Support planes for cable duct cables Complies with GOST R IEC 61084-1 "Systems of cable and special cable ducts for electrical installations. Part 1. General requirements "(subsection 10.2).
Cable trunking system design Complies with GOST R IEC 61084-1 (clause 9.1, 9.4, 9.6), GOST R IEC 61084-2-1 (clause 9.4.1). The design allows to lay open replaceable nets. The edges and surfaces of the ducts do not damage wires and cables. The design of the trunking systems ensures that live parts are inaccessible.
Operating the trunking system Should be carried out in accordance with the Rules for the technical operation of electrical installations of consumers and the instructions of the EKOPLAST catalog.
requirements Environmental protection requirements
Hygienic characteristics of products In normal operation, the boxes do not have chemical, mechanical, radiation, electromagnetic, thermal and biological effects on the environment; do not harm the natural environment, health and genetic background of a person during transportation, storage, operation.
Certificates Availability of all necessary certificates of the Russian Federation and the customs union (posted on the website www.ecoplast.ru )