Corrugated pipes made of polypropylene composition PP, series - PP

The PP series professional corrugated pipe system is designed to provide a reliable wiring harness with guaranteed savings in labor and installation time. Protection and laying of electrical, low-current, telephone, IT-networks and communications, made with insulated wires, cords or cables. Pipes are used in the manufacture of automobile harnesses with wires for protection during the operation of electrical equipment and devices.

Corrugated pipes made of Polypropylene (PP) have an extended range of installation and operating temperatures. They are characterized by high chemical resistance to solutions of mineral salts, alkalis and oxidizing agents. They have increased flexibility and elasticity, aging resistance.

  • a lot of people
  • high concentration of wealth
  • required high costs due to production downtime
  • transport infrastructure structures of railways (metro), underpasses and airports
  • hospitals, schools, hotels, department stores, museums and theaters
  • computing centers,
  • conference centers

The PP series corrugated pipe system is the ideal solution for providing mechanical protection in monolithic concrete construction.

The professional polypropylene (PP) corrugated plastic pipe system consists of various diameters and outer and inner junction boxes and shields. Polypropylene (PP) pipes are certified in accordance with the standards and requirements adopted in the territory of the Russian Federation:

  • Rosstandart RF (GOST-R);
  • Rospotrebnadzor RF.