Corners, plugs, tees, joint connections to cable duct 100 x 40 mm

The manufacturer offers variable (from 60 ° to 120 °) inner and outer corners, with the help of which the turns of the box are made. The possibility of using such angles is of great importance, since in practice the angle of the junction of the walls is often significantly different from the right one. In addition to the indicated angles, partitions and supports, the system includes a flat angle (used to rotate the box on the wall), a tee (for branching the box at a right angle), a plug and a connecting piece, which is installed at the junction of two box segments. The box cover lock, which excludes the possibility of its spontaneous detachment, allows the box to be repeatedly opened and closed, while the cover is not deformed.

Internal RI angle changeable for INSTA cable trunking

The range of change of the cable channel for the angle of attachment is from 60 ° to 120 °. 
Designed to connect sections of a box or cable channel and form an internal turn. It is mounted directly on the end walls of the INSTA cable trunking with a slight snap-in. It has an aesthetic design, reduces installation time and smooths out uneven walls during installation and operation of the cable channel as a system.
Material: ABS Bayer
Color - "White"
Packing rate - 1 piece