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Pipes for cables and wiring installation
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Objects with the products Ecoplast
Electrical Installation. Series LK-60
for hidden wiring

In a series LK60 is implemented modular design that allows mounting of up to five mechanisms in multi-seat frame.

Series includes all the circuit breakers and switches, dimmers with a short-circuit protection and LED indication, the power outlet without grounding, with safety shutters, telephone and computer, including Category 6, TV, to satellite television. Sockets are designed for current 16A. The protective cover for the receptacles are used to protect against unauthorized access and protect your children.

The framework allows the construction of a series under the same frame of one to five products that provides complete design and the necessary equipment, "the workplace". You can select your required items and place them in a frame, color and material of which you can choose according to your wishes and interior. Using the six colors of the plastic frames and 7 frames made of natural materials make your choice completely free.

The distance between the central axes of the frame 71 mm.

Frames are universal, that is, using the same frame, you can install the product both horizontally and vertically, depending on your wishes and interior.

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