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Corrugated PVC pipe

Corrugated pipes (flute) of PVC - a professional cable support system flush / open wiring in the walls (the walls), ceilings (the ceiling), floor of residential, office and industrial premises.

The system consists of a corrugated pipe corrugated plastic pipes of different diameters, and internal and external distribution boxes and shields. The purpose of the corrugated pipe with accessories - providing a reliable set of wiring with a guaranteed savings of labor costs and installation time.

The material is corrugated pipe - PVC self-extinguishing composition - eliminates possible ignition of the cable short-circuit and flame propagation along the pipe and cable, an additional insulator.

Corrugated pipe is available in two versions: with a probe for pulling cable or probe.

Products are certified in accordance with:
   - System certification in the field of fire safety
   - State Fire Service MIA RUSSIA;
   - System Certification GOST-R GOSSTANDART RUSSIA;
   - Certification System of the State Sanitary-Epidemiological Service of the Russian Federation.

Corrugated pipe serves a similar cable channels and ducts in the laying of cable bundles and wire the power supply and information networks, and using various accessories for the contours of the corners of walls and ceilings with wiring and installation in distribution boxes and using the elements of compounds, sockets and switches but for internal installation (ie, inside the walls). You can use, and on the walls and ceilings, partitions. Corrugated pipe mounting system necessarily includes accessories for installation (see section "Accessories for Pipe" menu on the left Catalog), and junction boxes (see Section "boxes and fasteners" in the left menu of the Catalogue).

Flexible corrugated pipe is heavy. FH Series
PVC self-extinguishing, IP 55, color - Grey RAL 7035
Corrugated Pipe Material:
PVC self-extinguishing composition
GOST 50827-95 (IEC 670-89)
Degree of protection corrugated tubes:
IP 55 according to GOST 14254 (IEC 529)
Terms of corrugated pipe installation:
for open / concealed wiring in the walls (the walls), in the ceilings (for ceiling) of non-combustible materials
Low assembly for corrugated pipes:
from -5°C to 60°C
The strength of corrugated pipes:
more than 750N on 5 cm at 20 °C (heavy duty)
Color corrugated pipes:
gray RAL 7035
The dielectric strength of the corrugated pipe:
not less than 2000 V (50 Hz for 15 min)
The insulation resistance of corrugated pipes:
not less than 100 MW (500 V for 1 min)
Fire resistance of corrugated pipes:
not support combustion
Equipment such as heavy corrugated pipe series FH
Code The outer diameter of the corrugated tube (D), mm The internal diameter of corrugated tube (d), mm The unit of measurement (for corrugated pipes) The number in the bay, m The presence of the probe inside a corrugated tube
11016 16 10,7 м 100 -
11020 20 14,1 м 100 -
11025 25 18,3 м 50 -
11032 32 24,3 м 25 -
11040 40 31,2 м 20 -
11050 50 39,6 м 15 -
11116 16 10,7 м 100 +
11120 20 14,1 м 100 +
11125 25 18,3 м 50 +
11132 32 24,3 м 25 -
11140 40 31,2 м 20 +
11150 50 39,6 м 15 +

Full range of fastener elements and accessories for the construction of safe and reliable electrical durable you'll find on page "Accessories for Pipe" and Section "boxes and fittings."

* Further information regarding systems and cable channels minichannel can be found on our website under "Information" in the left menu "Articles" and "Technical information"

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