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Double wall pipe. NOVO Series
composition of the HDPE, IP 55

Double-walled pipe, smooth inside, corrugated on the outside, is used to pass obstacles in the land and water in laying of power cables of large cross sections, fiber optic networks.

Is highly resistant to aggressive environments. Waterproof.

The pipe is made with a special inner layer, which allows to reduce the friction between the pipe and cable.

composition of HDPE
Degree of protection:
IP 55 according to GOST 14254 (IEC 529)
Mounting conditions:
for laying cables under the ground
Low installation:
-25°С to +60°С
more than 450N on 5 cm at 20°C
black and / or red, on request, also yellow, blue. Minimum order: 2000 meters for a single color
Dielectric strength:
not less than 2000 V (50 Hz for 15 min)
Insulation resistance:
not less than 100 MOm (500 V for 1 min)
Code Name Outer diameter (D), mm The inside diameter (d), mm The minimum bend radius, mm Unit The number in the bay, m, м
80040 NR040 40 32 230 м 50
80050 NR050 50 40 350 м 50
80063 NR063 63 51 350 м 50
80075 NR075 75 61 350 м 50
80090 NR090 90 75 400 м 50
80110 NR110 110 94 400 м 50
80125 NR125 125 107 500 м 25
80140 NR140 140 120 550 м 25
80160 NR160 160 137 650 м 25
80200 NR200 200 182 850 м 25
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