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Pipes for cables and wiring installation
Minitrunking MEX / ECO
Cable trunking system INSTA
Slotted ducts
Aluminum mini-columns
PVC Corrugated flexible pipes
HDPE corrugated flexible pipes
PP corrugated flexible pipes
PVC pipes reinforced
Halogen Free corrugated
Smooth rigid PVC pipes
HDPE rigid smooth pipes, single-wall
HDPE double-wall pipes
Accessories for all plastic pipes
Boxes and fittings
Connectors quick-terminal
Service floor boxes LUK
LAN components
Wiring devices
Steel Cable Trays
Plastic systems for air-conditions and water supply
Industrial plugs and sockets
Objects with the products Ecoplast
Characteristics. A series of MEX
material is a series of canals MEX and ECO
Processing Cutting Hand hacksaw with fine linen and good teeth. All types of machines for cutting polymers. Automatic saw for cutting the disc plastic profiles and tubes.
Boring Preferably use a high speed for drilling and drill bits for stone or concrete. However, it is possible to use other drills.
Gluing Use standard adhesives for plastics. For channel bonding to the stone, wood or metal, use glue to the mix with the recommendations of these surfaces with polymers.
Mechanical properties Ultimate tensile strength > 50 N/mm2
Ultimate bending stress > 75 N/mm2
Resilience > 15 J/m2
Electrical properties of Permittivity 20kV/mm
Sheet resistance 1012 Om
Volume resistivity 1015 Om
Thermal properties Operating temperature range Dynamic: - 5°C to +70°C
Static: -40°C to +70°C
The linear coefficient of thermal expansion 80х10-6  1/К=0,080 mm
Fire resistance Retardant / self extinguishing
(horizontal burning test (maximum temperature) = + 960 °C) - conforms to the Russian Institute of Fire Prevention.
Size The standard length 2000 мм ±5 mm
Special length on request - length up to 7 m
Color Standard color white (RAL 9016)
Special colors on request - 10 miles
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