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Pipes for cables and wiring installation
Minitrunking MEX / ECO
Cable trunking system INSTA
Slotted ducts
Aluminum mini-columns
PVC Corrugated flexible pipes
HDPE corrugated flexible pipes
PP corrugated flexible pipes
PVC pipes reinforced
Halogen Free corrugated
Smooth rigid PVC pipes
HDPE rigid smooth pipes, single-wall
HDPE double-wall pipes
Accessories for all plastic pipes
Boxes and fittings
Connectors quick-terminal
Service floor boxes LUK
LAN components
Wiring devices
Steel Cable Trays
Plastic systems for air-conditions and water supply
Industrial plugs and sockets
Objects with the products Ecoplast
The major facilities that were used EcoplastTM cable systemsTM.
Transport infrastructure
Sheremetyevo-3 Airport, Moscow
Domodedovo Airport, Moscow
Vnukovo Airport, Moscow
Koltsovo airport in Yekaterinburg
The railway station, Tyumen
Unified dispatching center, Chelyabinsk
Traffic control center, combined with contingency management center in Samara
Krasnopresnensky Tunnel, Moscow
Transit rapid system, Moscow
State Institutions
Federal Treasury of Russia, Moscow and branches in the regions
An office building on the street. Butcher, Moscow
Archives Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Moscow
Arbitration courts, Moscow
Special Economic Zone, the construction of SCS, Dubna, Moscow region
Moscow region police department, the construction of SCS in the branches, Moscow and Moscow region
The objects of the Russian Federation Ministry of Atomic Energy
The objects of the Ministry of Defense
Municipal Court Building, St. Petersburg
State Research and Production Space Center
Mission Control Center, Korolev
Medical facilities
Vishnevsky Hospital, Krasnogorsk, Moscow region
Metro Health Center named after Lenin, Moscow
Botkina Hospital, Moscow
Business Centres
Domodedovo airport, shopping and community center, Moscow region
Western Gate, Business Park, Moscow
Business Center on the 60th anniversary of the Prospectus in October, Moscow
Khimki Business Park, Moscow region
Spring, a business center, Krasnoyarsk
The first tower, a business center class "A", Krasnoyarsk
Volgograd-City, a business center, Volgograd
Rosneft, the former building of the company "Yukos", Moscow
Nord Star Tower, a business center class «А+»
An office building on the street. Pravda, 24, Moscow
Office Center at St. Butyrskaya 62, Moscow
White space, business center, Moscow
Commercial and office residence on the street. Yakimanka, Moscow
Sibneftegaz, multifunctional business center, Moscow
Wimm-Bill-Dann, a business center on Solyanka, Moscow
Mixed-use complex in Odessa st., Moscow
Clover House, a multifunctional retail and office center, Rostov-on-Don
Capital Plaza, a business center class "A", Moscow
Khimki Business Park, Moscow region
Objects of Moscow City, Moscow
Industrial Projects
Objects Transgas
Objects Sibur
Marine oil terminal "Primorsk", Leningrad Region
Russian Standard, Factory, St. Petersburg
Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan
19th Taxi Park, Moscow
Objects of RAO UES
Objects of the Siberian Aluminum
Objects of Lukoil
Factory Ferrero Roshe, Vladimir
The company "Russian Gold"
Karacharovsky Plant, Moscow
Severstal, Cherepovets
Puma-Rus, Moscow
Holding "Lebedyansky", Moscow
ABC of taste, production department, Moscow
Technology Center "Nudol" Bank of the Russian Federation, Moscow region
The campus Ugra State University, Khanty-Mansiysk
Kindergartens, the Samara region
Reconstruction of energy networks in schools, Samara
Participation in the national project "Internet in Schools of Russia", Moscow and Russian regions
Hostel pupils Minooborony RF
Cultural Institutions
Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow
Petrovsky Palace, Moscow
Moscow International House of Music, Moscow
Worker and Collective Farm Girl, museum and exhibition center and a monument in Moscow
Leningradskaya Hotel, Moscow
Ukraine Hotel, Moscow
Belgrade Hotel, Moscow
Shopping and entertainment hotel complex, Serpukhov
Shopping and entertainment complex of hotel, Lipetsk
Sheremetyevo-2 Hotel Complex, Moscow region
Swissotel Red Hills 5 *, hotel, Moscow
Sports facilities
Sports Complex Ugra State University, Khanty-Mansiysk
Ufa-Arena, Universal Sports Complex, Ufa
Akbuzat, race track, Ufa
Shopping centers
Pike, shopping and entertainment complex, Moscow
Sokolniki, shopping center, Moscow
Metropolis, retail and office center, Moscow
Filion, shopping and entertainment center, Moscow
Astrakhan, multifunctional shopping center, the city of Astrakhan
Park House, shopping and entertainment center, Volgograd
Pushkarevskoe ring, shopping center, Ulyanovsk
IKEA Teply Stan, shopping and entertainment complex, Moscow
The planet, shopping and leisure center, Krasnoyarsk
Tushino, shopping and entertainment center, Moscow
Multifunctional shopping mall with parking for m.Shodnenskaya, Moscow
Ramstore Mitino, shopping center, Moscow
Auchan shopping center on Leninsky Prospekt, Moscow
Europe, shopping and entertainment center, Yekaterinburg
IKEA Khimki, shopping and entertainment complex, Moscow
Trade Center Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk
Mosfilmovsky, shopping center, Moscow
Kaluga-21, Kaluga
TRC RIO Altufyevo, Moscow
TRC RIO Kolomna Kolomna, Moscow Region
TRC RIO Leninsky Prospect, Moscow
SKODA, Autotechcenter, Moscow
Heme, a network of dealers
MAN, auto, Scherbinka, Moscow region
BMW, car show, Ekaterinburg
Audi-center with high-rise building in Moscow
Genser - Hyundai, Moscow
Sberbank, RCC, Moscow
ORGRES Bank, Moscow
OLD Bank ("Sofrino" Bank), Moscow
Union Bank, Moscow
Sofia Bank
Sberbank Bank, branches, Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk Region
Residential complexes
Dwelling house on the street. Dybenko, Moscow
Residential building, at Biryuzov, 41, Moscow
House at Mosfilm, Moscow
Red Sails, a residential complex in Moscow
Biryuzov, 33, a residential complex in Moscow
House in Sokolniki, a residential complex in Moscow
Triumph-Palace, a residential complex in Moscow
Camelot, a luxury residential building, Moscow
Copernicus, an elite residential complex in Moscow
Residential Complex in Novosibirsk
The residential complex, the Urengoy
Logistics centers
The distribution center in the village customs Pikin (Airport), Moscow
Multifunctional office - warehouse Pushkino, Moscow region
Hermann Rousseau, commercial and warehouse complex in the village of Gorki Leninskie, Moscow region
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