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Objects with the products Ecoplast

The ECOPLAST (ISO 9001:2000) factory offers for you three series of minitrunking - mini-and micro-ducts for different variants of the projects: reliable line - MEX / and efficient line - ECO/ double U shaped line - MIR

A series of "MEX" - reliable plastic cable trunking system for wall installation wiring in administrative(offices / shops), residential and industrial areas. This is a modular system - quickly assembled wiring with optional junction boxes, sockets and connectors of the two standards, "European standard" with a diameter of 60mm between the screws and the modular standard of 45 * 45mm. The line MEX designed with a very reliable double lock between cover and body to guarantee and many time open/close the trunking and save the same shape, the wall thickness is always no less than 1 mm and above that correspond to EC standard and guarantee the safety against any electrical circuit, hit damage and saves the time in case of fire flame. There is a possibility of extension your "workplace" by using the boxes when connected in series without any restrictions. The trunking packed in a 3 layer carton boxes.

The line "ECO" - is the similar to MEX and was created specially limited budget projects, but the thickness and shape is the same as line MEX, the key difference is the PE film package for local transportation.

The line MIR was designed of U shape (where the cover and body both have U shape, it allows to easy open and close the ducts and hold on the additional dielectic protection of your wires.

A wide range of sizes and capacity from this line: 12x7; 12x12; 15x10; 20x10; 20x12,5; 16x16; 25x16; 25x25; 40x16; 40x25; 40x40, 60x16; 75x20.Standard length is- 2 meters Another length - is by inquiry.

Ecoplast minitrunking system is easy to install, the ducts are resistant to mechanical damage and combined with a variety of cable channels and ducts of large cross sections in any interior.

Minitrunking has an aesthetic appearance and protect your electrical equipment in both domestic and in public and administrative buildings. Rather convenient, compact and practical package for easy transportation, storage and protection from dust. All trunking from series of MEX/ECO/MIR is equipped with internal, extenral, L-shape, T-shape angles, end plates, section jointers, adaptors to wall boxes as well as the different options: boxes, adapters, sockets, switches and other necessary wiring devices demanded to equip well your workplace. Cables and wires well hidden in minitrunking; wires themselves can be pre-installed in minichannel or corrugated pipe (for extra insulation) or by cable ties and clamps to stack bundles of wires in the cable channels and minichannels.

Minitrunking. Series MEX
Minichannel for cable

Minitrunking systems are developed in accordance with the standards of GOST-R (Russia) and EC of electrical wiring and low voltage power cables.

Material of cable channels:
PVC self-extinguishing composition
Color of cable channels and accessories:
White (other colors available - on request), RAL 9016
Composition of Russian and German PVC row material, resistant to UV. It has a high mechanical flexibility and ductility, high impact resistant, chemically stable in color and is resistant to sunlight. Material of ECOPLAST minitrunking is not support combustion and is a great additional insulator.
3 layer carton boxes or PE film wrapping (for economic line)

In 2010 Ecoplast plant launched the production of a series of MEX minitrunking with 3D textural design in a twood structure, the series includes 7 basic and most used sizes: 15x10, 16x16, 20x10, 25x16, 25x25, 40x16, 40x25mm. Other wood structure design trunking is under request. The wood design of standard:
   - Option A - pine tree textural in 3D (3 walls)
   - Option B - oak tree textural in 3D (3 walls)

Either may be offered another 3D design and textural such like natural stone, Aluminum, marble, silver and gold, etc

The additional option is all trunking of all sizes colored in mass by cream, brown or grey, black colors.

3D textural design is in high demand in the cottage and the private houses cable systems in areas where the important component of the design with an emphasis on environmental friendliness.

Material of cable ducts:
PVC self-extinguishing composition
Color of cable channels and accessories:
Pine tree design; Oak tree design; marble; black, cream, grey, silver, gold, others
Composition of Russian PVC row material with EC chemical components, resistant to UV. It has a high mechanical flexibility and ductility, high impact resistant, chemically stable in color and is resistant to sunlight. Material of minitrunking is not support combustion and is a great additional insulator.
3 layer carton boxes

The design of the cover of minichannels performed according to the type "double lock" that allows you to repeatedly perform the opening and closing cable channels without deforming the cover and eliminates spontaneous disconnection.

Specification and accessories by articles:
Internal corner
External corner
L-type corner
T-type corner
End plate
Section jointer

127 77003 72103 72203 72303 72403 72803 72503

1510 77000 72100 72200 72300 72400 72800 72500

2010 77001 72701 72701 72701 72701 72701 72501

2012,5 77014 72114 72214 72314 72414 72814 72514

16x16 77002 72110 72210 72310 72410 72810 72510

2516 77007 72105 72205 72305 72405 72805 72505

2525 77015 72115 72215 72315 72415 72815 72515

4016 77008 72106 72206 72306 72406 72806 72506

4025 72010 72108 72208 72308 72408 72808 72508

4040 77009 72109 72209 72309 72409 72809 72509
Internal corner
External corner
L-type corner
T-type corner
End plate Section jointer

60/316 77012 72112 72212 72312 72412 72812 72512
75/320 77016 72116 72216 72316 72416 72816 72516
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