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Objects with the products Ecoplast

The plant has implemented technology Ecoplast deep 3D lamination and led a series of cable channels in the MEX textural design by tree structure with three surfaces and the color of the PINE NUT. The new advanced technology to achieve high quality transfer of the structure and create an extended range of its products to the market of private construction.

A series of "MEX" - plastic cable support system for open wiring minichannel in administrative, residential and industrial areas. This is a modular system - quickly assembled wiring with optional junction boxes, sockets and connectors of the two standards, "European standard" with a diameter of 60mm between the landing and the standard screws 45 * 45mm. There is a possibility of extension "workplace" using the boxes when connected in series without any restrictions. A wide selection of box sections: 12h7, 15x10, 20x10, 16x16, 25x16, 25 x 25, 40x16, 40x25. Length - 2 meters.

Minichannel easy to install, resistant to mechanical damage and combined with a variety of cable channels and ducts of large cross sections in any interior.

Minichannel have an aesthetic appearance and protect your electrical equipment, both in domestic and in public and administrative buildings. A convenient, compact and practical package for easy transport, storage and protection from dust.

Minichannel color. A series of MEX
minichannel for cable

Series minichannel "MEX" in the textural design of a tree structure with three surfaces and the color of the PINE NUT includes 7 basic and most used sections: 15x10, 20x10, 16x16, 25h16, 25 x 25, 40x16, 40x25 mm.

Mini-channels of the color are in high demand in the cottage and the cottage building cable systems in areas where important component of the design with an emphasis on environmental friendliness.

The combination of a series of colored textured cable - channels, sockets and switches series wiring LK STANDARD - a comprehensive and contemporary decorative choice for interior arrangement and installation of electrical wiring in the same style

Material of cable channels:
PVC self-extinguishing composition
Color of cable channels and accessories:
Brown, laminating wood: pine and walnut
Composition of Russian and German PVC, UV resistant, has high mechanical additives flexibility and plasticity, high-impact, chemically stable in color and is resistant to sunlight. Material channel does not support combustion and is a great additional insulator.
The design of the latch cover minichannel performed according to the type "double lock" that allows you to repeatedly perform the opening and closing of channels without deforming the lid, and prevents unintentional disconnection.
Packaging minichannel:
3 layer carton boxes or PE film wrapping (for economic line)
Code Color Box with lid Code Color Box with lid Code Color Box with lid
15х10 Brown 77000B 15х10 laminating wood: pine 77000P 15х10 laminating wood: walnut 77000N
16х16 Brown 77002B 16х16 laminating wood: pine 77002P 16х16 laminating wood: walnut 77002N
20х10 Brown 77001B 20х10 laminating wood: pine 77001P 20х10 laminating wood: walnut 77001N
25х16 Brown 77007B 25х16 laminating wood: pine 77007P 25х16 laminating wood: walnut 77007N
25х25 Brown 77015B 25х25 laminating wood: pine 77015P 25х25 laminating wood: walnut 77015N
40х16 Brown 77008B 40х16 laminating wood: pine 77008P 40х16 laminating wood: walnut 77008N
40х25 Brown 77010B 40х25 laminating wood: pine 77010P 40х25 laminating wood: walnut 77010N
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