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Instruction. A series of MEX
Installation minitrunking MEX and ECO

Draw the path of the cable to the surface in accordance with the plan, project, previously marked out the holes for the dowels fixing channel. Use plugs, depending on the surface of the wall (gibsokarton, major stone, brick, wood, etc.). Estimated distance to lock the channel on the surface (wall / ceiling) - 0.5 m -1 at the plug, depending on the load beam. *
Open the package of cable channels Series MEX or ECO from the end.
Remove the top cover of the channel, pulling it from the face side up, and set the base in line with the intended line of cable (wire) or beam.
Secure the base of the channel in the plug or the soft surfaces, self-tapping directly to the surface. Possible fix to the surface with adhesive, designed for use with polymers, or double-sided tape.
Pull the cable (beam) inside the base and snap the cover of the channel.
In passing angles using low angles (MI / ME / ML / MT) and stoppers at the end of the line. All the elements fit together in an easy snap groove bottom of the channel, and should keep the length of the base a little more than the length of the cover according to the distance over the clamps on the elements.
To connect the wiring devices, use the boxes SM (evrostandartnyh for the installation of planting distance between the screws of 80 mm slides) or a box of SMP (for installation of modular elements, the standard 45x45 mm). Attachment to the surface is similar fastening channels.
After connecting the canal with a box should cover the connection adapter type ASMP to hide the joints. Choose a part of the adapter, depending on the channel cross section. The adapter snaps into the box.
When installing wiring multiple devices, the side walls of boxes and boxes of SM dismantled joined together, so you can install the devices in 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6-frame construction. When installed in a number of instruments standard 45x45, joints SMP boxes to each other, using calipers, and pads the top of the frame.
When mounting the junction box, use the product SD1 and SD2, previously marked out space for mounting boxes.

We recommend using a step for attaching the channel to the surface depending on the load the inner surface of the cable channel:
- The minimum step = 0.5 m - high density load cables
- Average pitch = 0. 65m - the average density of the load cables
- The maximum step = 1 m - for a single installation of signal cable.

Mounting box for the SM series minitrunking MEX Mounting box for the SMP series minitrunking MEX
1. Remove the side cover plate from the box SM 1. To install the module latch mechanisms of SMP in a box
2. Connect the boxes together 2. You can extend the workplace, adding to the number of boxes
3. You can connect an unlimited number of boxes with each other.
Insert the adapter into the grooves
3. Minitrunking supply to the box can be carried out on different sides
4. Install wiring elements 4. The appearance of SM and SMP boxes
5. The appearance of a workplace-based boxes SM
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