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The system of cable channels INSTA for cabling installers

The magazine "Network Computing and Communication"
V. I. Shelgov

Decorative wall-mounted cable box (or channels), intended for laying information, power cables and install outlets to protect cables from mechanical damage and ingress of moisture on them. In addition, they provide high aesthetic characteristics of interior space.
Система кабель-каналов INSTA для инсталляторов кабельных систем  
For this kind of product is produced by the "Ecoplast" system cable Canli INSTA. Its purpose - placing the open wiring in buildings, office type. The system cable channels developed at the plant "Ecoplast" together with the Moscow system integrators, and electrical installation organizations.

The system includes cable channels INSTA box with a cross-sectional dimension 100x55 mm, produced from the Russian PVC with the addition of the components manufactured in Germany for window profiles. This achieves its resistance to UV radiation. The box is white, but custom made boxes of other colors. Material of the cable channel shockproof (can withstand mechanical loads up to 6 J), and it does not burn and is an excellent insulator. Based on the box, there are three slots for the installation of partitions, through which the inner space of the cable channel can be divided into two, three or four sections. Partitioning is carried out with laying of cables for different purposes.

In the system chassis mounted slides (mounting frame) to install the sockets size 45x45 mm or with a bore diameter of 60mm (European standard). If necessary, multiple connectors, such as power outlets and communications connectors (to connect your computer to the LAN, and phone to the PBX), supports are installed in series without restrictions. With the boxes, they have the same design. It is worth noting that the cables can be laid as a wiring products, and above them (in a separator).

The manufacturer has changed (from 60° to 120°), internal and external corners to help decorate the box corners. The possibility of such angles is of great importance, since in practice the angle of the junction of the walls are often significantly different from the direct. In addition to the corners, walls and slides, the system includes a flat angle (used to turn the box on the wall), tee (for the branch duct at a right angle) plug and the connection piece, which is set in place the junction of two segments of the box. Lock the lid boxes, eliminating the possibility of inadvertent disconnection, can repeatedly open and close the box, the lid is not deformed.

INSTA system are attractive and blends well with any interior. She is certified in accordance with the following standards: Fire Safety of the Russian Federation, Russian State Standard (GOST R), Epidemiology Service of the Russian Federation. Boxes are packed in boxes of three-layer cardboard (box section length of 2m) to protect against ingress of dust inside. Since the system INSTA made in Russia, it is not part of the cost associated with the cost of importing goods from abroad.

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