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Halogen-free pipe (Halogen Free) self-extinguishing corrugated. A series of HFR
IP 55

Corrugated pipe self-extinguishing halogen-free - from the insulating material for electrical work HFR series in diameter from 16 to 50 mm with wall thickness from 2.0 mm to 5.2 mm

This professional system for laying / concealed wiring, alarm, telephone, television networks with a voltage - up to 1000 V, in the walls (the walls), ceilings (in ceiling), floor of residential, office and industrial premises. Allowed to open laying the foundations for all groups of combustibility (NG - G4 according to GOST 30244) and flammability (B1 - B3 in accordance with GOST 30402), in the absence of constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Tasks - ensuring a reliable set of wiring, fire with a guaranteed savings of labor costs and installation time. The system consists of corrugated plastic pipes of different diameters, and internal and external distribution boxes and shields.

Fields of application
Use pipe Ecoplast HFR series halogen-free self-extinguishing, is recommended where the foreground are the safety and protection of people and facilities, as well as the application requires special security measures because of:
   - A large number of workers
   - High concentration of wealth
   - High-tech industrial plants
   - Power plants and refineries
   - Structures and facilities of railways (subway), subways and airports
   - Lifts and emergency units
   - Hospitals, schools, hotels, department stores, museums and theaters
   - Data centers, telephone and transmission facilities
   - Centers for holding conferences
   - Cars, locomotives, cars
   - Ships and aircraft
   - Required because of the high cost of production downtime
   - In buildings with a large presence of people - hotels, airports, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, stadiums closed, exhibition centers, cinemas, high-rise residential and office centers,

When ignited allocates a minimum amount of toxic compounds due to the low concentration of halogen in compounds do not form a corrosive and acidic gases in the event of a fire, so no damage to electrical appliances, machinery, equipment and facilities
   - Significantly lower toxicity and lack of corrosive flue gases, which are a threat to humans and animals
   - Decrease in the density of smoke, and thereby improving the visibility of emergency exits for rescue operations
   - No problems for the environment and waste, as the halogen-free materials can be subjected to repeated recycling

Material - composition based on self-extinguishing flame retardant material is environmentally safe, contains no harmful substances. Wide operating temperature range -25C to +90C allows for electrical work in both hot and cold conditions with no loss of mechanical and insulation properties.

Features corrugated polypropylene pipes:
   - Compliance with fire safety requirements - corrugated flame retardant and do not meet the standards of fire safety;
   - Easy to install - light weight, the presence of complex solutions, a wide range of
   - Range of installation temperature: -25C to +90C;
   - Operating temperature range: -40C to 80C;
   - Additional insulation of the cable - is an additional dielectric tube, increases the insulation resistance of electrical networks.

Products are certified in accordance with:
   - System Certification GOST-R State Standard of Russia,
   - System of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance
   - System of certification of conformity to the technical regulations for fire safety

GOST 50827-95 (IEC 670-89)
Degree of protection:
IP 55 according to GOST 14254 (IEC 529)
Mounting conditions:
for open / concealed wiring in walls, in ceilings of noncombustible materials
Low installation:
-25 to +90 (operating temperature: -40C ... + 80C)
more than 320N on 5 cm at 20C (light series)
more than 750N on 5 cm at 20C (heavy duty)
black RAL 9005 / white RAL 9016 / gray RAL 7035
Dielectric strength:
not less than 2000 V (50 Hz for 15 min)
Insulation resistance:
not less than 100 MOm (500 V for 1 min)
There is a fire safety certificate and an expert opinion on the conformity of products (Main Centre of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision of the Ministry of Defence)
Light type (more than 320N / 5cm)
Article Outer diameter (D), mm The inside diameter (d), mm Unit The number in the bay, m The presence of the probe
20116HFR 16 10,7 100 +
20120HFR 20 14,1 100 +
20125HFR 25 18,3 50 +
20132HFR 32 24,3 25 +
20140HFR 40 31,2 20 +
20150HFR 50 39,6 15 +
Heavy type (more than 750N / 5cm)
Article Outer diameter (D), mm The inside diameter (d), mm Unit The number in the bay, m The presence of the probe
21116HFR 16 10,7 100 +
21120HFR 20 14,1 100 +
21125HFR 25 18,3 50 +
21132HFR 32 24,3 25 +
21140HFR 40 31,2 20 +
21150HFR 50 39,6 15 +
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