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Pipes for cables and wiring installation
Minitrunking MEX / ECO
Cable trunking system INSTA
Slotted ducts
Aluminum mini-columns
PVC Corrugated flexible pipes
HDPE corrugated flexible pipes
PP corrugated flexible pipes
PVC pipes reinforced
Halogen Free corrugated
Smooth rigid PVC pipes
HDPE rigid smooth pipes, single-wall
HDPE double-wall pipes
Accessories for all plastic pipes
Boxes and fittings
Connectors quick-terminal
Service floor boxes LUK
LAN components
Wiring devices
Steel Cable Trays
Plastic systems for air-conditions and water supply
Industrial plugs and sockets
Objects with the products Ecoplast
Product Catalogue
Pipes for cable
Minitrunking MEX / ECO
- Minitrunking systems MEX
- Minichannel color MEX
- Organization jobs
- Accessories for a series of MEX
- Installation instructions minichannel MEX and ECO
- The characteristics of the material MEX series of channels and ECO
- Wiring accessories
Cable channels INSTA
- Boxes for cable laying and installation of electrical products INSTA
- Accessories of INSTA
- Installation of the cable channel INSTA with accessories
- Installation of a support for the EM60 socket size 60mm mounting in the cable channel
- Installation of a support outlet for RM45 45x45mm the cable channel
- The system of cable channels INSTA (main characteristics)
- The system of cable channels INSTA for cabling installers
- Wiring accessories
Perforated boxes
Aluminum mini-columns
- Aluminum mini-columns. Series TR
- Installation of electrical products in the metal column
- Wiring accessories for installation with mini-channels, cable channels, with columns and hatche
Corrugated PVC pipes
- Corrugated PVC pipe, serie FL
- Corrugated flexible PVC pipe is heavy, the series FH
- Corrugated pipes (series: FL, FH, BL, BH) - general information
HDPE corrugated pipe
- Tubes HDPE pipes are flexible corrugated lungs, a series of BL
- Tubes HDPE corrugated flexible heavy series of BH
PP corrugated pipes
- Pipes PP (polypropylene) light corrugated FR
- Pipes PP (polypropylene) heavy corrugated FR
- Pipes PP (polypropylene) light corrugated PP
- Pipes PP (polypropylene), heavy corrugated PP
PVC pipes reinforced
Halogen tube (Halogen Free) corrugated
- Corrugated halogen tube series HF
Corrugated self-extinguishing halogen tube series HFR
Smooth rigid PVC pipes
- Tubes are smooth rigid self-extinguishing PVC Series RIG
- Plain rigid pipes (Series: RIG) - General Information
HDPE pipes are smooth, one-wall
- One-wall pipe of HDPE compositions in the bays
- One-wall tube of rigid HDPE composition
HDPE double-wall pipes
- Double wall pipe from the composition series of HDPE NOVO
- Accessories for Pipe Series NOVO
Accessories for Pipe
- Coupling for corrugated pipe
- Holders
- Stubs
- Flexible turning and angles
- Pulling and guiding
Boxes and fittings
- Distribution box
- Enclosures
- Cable fasteners
- Cable clamps and cable ties
Connectors quick-terminal
Service hatches for the floor LUK
- Service hatches for the cable and workplace organization
- Installation of wiring accessories
- Wiring accessories
LAN components
Wiring accessories
- Series LK60 - wall wiring
- Series LK45 - wall wiring, cable channels, hatches and columns
- A series of AQUA-MODUL with the degree of water resistance IP55
- Wiring accessories for installation in hatches
- Cable tray galvanized
- Clamps and hangers
- Accessories for trays
Conditioning equipment and water supply
- Channels for air conditioning systems
- Corrugated pipes for water supply
Plugs and connectors industrial
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